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Celebrating the Solstice: A Memorable Farewell to Ambassador Cliona Manahan

On the evening of June 21st, members of the Czech Irish Business and Cultural Association (CIBCA) gathered to celebrate the summer solstice and bid a fond farewell to Ambassador Cliona Manahan and her deputy, Erin Swan. The event marked a joyous occasion for around 30 attendees who joined the festivities at a picturesque Prague restaurant, Zvonarka. The solstice party not only celebrated the changing seasons but also highlighted the vibrant cultural exchange between the Czech Republic and Ireland.

A Memorable Farewell:

The evening was filled with laughter, warm conversations, and heartfelt speeches as the CIBCA community came together to honor Ambassador Cliona Manahan, who has played a vital role in strengthening the ties between the two nations during her tenure. Guests expressed their gratitude for her dedicated service and recognized her invaluable contributions to promoting Irish business and culture in Prague. The farewell was a bittersweet moment, as everyone acknowledged Ambassador Manahan's remarkable impact and wished her continued success in her future endeavors.

Looking Ahead:

The solstice party was just the beginning of the exciting social events to come, organized by CIBCA. The association is committed to providing a platform for networking, business collaboration, and cultural exchange between the Czech Republic and Ireland. As the sun sets on one chapter with Ambassador Cliona Manahan's departure, CIBCA is gearing up to embrace new opportunities and welcome future endeavors with open arms.

CIBCA invites both Irish and Czech individuals, as well as those interested in fostering stronger bilateral ties, to join their upcoming events. From business seminars and workshops to cultural festivals and social gatherings, CIBCA is planning a diverse array of activities that showcase the best of both nations.

The solstice party hosted by CIBCA was a resounding success, as friends bid farewell to Ambassador Cliona Manahan while celebrating the summer solstice and the rich cultural heritage shared between Ireland and the Czech Republic. This event served as a testament to the thriving community fostered by CIBCA and its dedication to furthering business and cultural ties between the two nations. As CIBCA looks toward the future, it promises even more engaging and enriching events to bring together individuals passionate about the Czech-Irish connection. Stay tuned for updates and be a part of this vibrant community.


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