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Atlantic Youth Trust: Czech-Irish Exchange Summer 2023

It is our great pleasure to announce our renewed collaboration with the Atlantic Youth Trust. CIBCA is now raising funds to support a group of students from the Czech Republic to step aboard the "Grace O'Malley" in the summer of 2023 for the experience of a lifetime.

Please send us an email ( if you wish to learn more and enroll your children / young adults, or click on "Make a Donation" below to support this effort so that others can make memories and build friendships to last a lifetime.

Thank you!

Your CIBCA Committee


A taste of what to expect...

Good morning friends,

This is a short update from the Top of Scotland on board your new 164ft "Grace O'Malley" youth development Peoples Ship. 4 days since Norway under Capt Gerry Burns, we have just negotiated the North Sea.

From 40 knot headwinds, and big seas to no wind, at all at all, she is strong. Grace herself, beautifully rode the elephant waves in all her splendor.

At 0446 hrs AM (Tuesday) we entered the Pentland Firth - with the slush of a timed 8 knot tide. It's a turbulent channel - between the Orkney islands and the Northern Highlands.

Once over the edge we headed south between the Isles of Lewis and Sky, (and all the distilleries) and round up the Foyle between Innisowen and McGilligan Point - into Derry where our project has some great public and private support - for the Maritime Festival - which runs through until next Sunday.

Hence our circumnavigation of Irish ports commences. Hopefully you can join us at some point. Some snaps and videos attached of our crossing... And thanks again for your backing and interest - as we look forward.

Warm Regards All

Enda O Coineen

(for Atlantic Youth Trust)



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