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CIBCA Committee Announcement 11/03/2022

Dear CIBCA members and friends,

St. Patrick’s Day

Our national day is next Thursday – March 17th. Some of the Irish community in Prague are planning an informal drink in The Irish Times on Karlova 20, Prague 1, 6pm on March 17th. Please consider - there may be a few familiar faces there.

For a full list of events at Prague's various Irish bars please visit the CIBCA blog post here.

Ukrainian Support

We are living through unprecedented times – the COVID pandemic restricted our movements for a couple of years and now we face a horrific war in Ukraine, a humanitarian crisis and we are all considering what we can do to help. 2,000,000+ people have fled Ukraine with 100,000+ already in the Czech Republic. Now is the time to band together and do what we can to help.

Planned Fundraiser CIBCA already donated to each of the Ukrainian appeals of People in Need and Caritas and we are keen to do more. As many of you know the Ukrainian artist Mr. Alexander Onishenko has long supported CIBCA with donations of his paintings for charity auctions. Together with Alexander Onishenko and his daughter Alena, we are planning a fundraiser to support Ukrainian refugees. If any of you are interested to help organise or donate raffle or auction items please let Garret Byrne ( know or any of us on the committee.

Accommodation For those with available accommodation Hospitality Helps or can match with refugees. If you are interested to take in people to your home register here with Uprchlici Vitejte.

Direct Donations The following organizations need financial support to continue their vital work:

account number 0093209320/0300

(or click here to pay by card)

account number: 333999/2700, variable symbol 1502

(there may be a call for blood and blood plasma donors; more information will be posted here)

UNICEF – account 11771177/0300, variable symbol 829

(the conflict in Ukraine poses an immediate threat to 7.5 million children)

…or make a donation to CIBCA which we will pass on.

CIBCA’s bank account is: 1978573319/0800.

Please write “Ukraine” as the purpose of the payment.

AGM We plan an AGM and election of a new committee in May or June and are keen and to get back to live, in person events. It would be great to have some new or returning people and ideas coming to the committee - please consider if that could be you.

Your CIBCA committee,

Garret Byrne, Paul Dubsky, Eoin Hanley, Elisa Selmi, James McCollum



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