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(I) Celebrate St. Patrick's Day 2020 in some of Prague's excellent Irish Pubs!

The biggest party of the year is just around the corner and to celebrate St Patrick's Day, several Irish Pubs in Prague have created a great line-up of Irish and International Musicians with performances from the 12th to the 17th March 2020.

There will also be Traditional Irish Dancers, Irish Food and Drinks, 6 Nations Rugby, Green Beer and all the craic you can handle. So pop your dancing shoes on and join in on 5 days of non-stop music and dance, ceol agus craic at Prague's Irish Pub's...

Thursday 12th March

Durty Nellys "Franky & Friends" 22:30

McCarthys "Celtic Whisper" 22:30

Rockys "Martin Sedlak" 22:30

Caffreys "Big Phil" 22:30

Friday 13th March

Durty Nellys "Sam the Man" 17:00

Durty Nellys "Celtic Whisper" 22:30

McCarthys "To go bog e" 17:00

McCarthys "Big Phil" 22:30

Rockys "Franky & Friends" 17:00

Rockys "Roman Fictum" 22:30

Caffreys "Irina Antonets" 17:00

Caffreys "Sam the Man" 22:30

Saturday 14th March

Durty Nellys "Ian Kolesky" 13:00

Durty Nellys "Iby Pop" 22:30

McCarthys "Big Phil" 13:00

McCarthys "Sam the Man" 22:30

Rockys "Irina Antonets" 13:00

Rockys "Celtic Whisper" 22:30

Caffreys "Gabrielle Felici" 13:00

Caffreys "Big Phil" 22:30

Sunday 15th March

Durty Nellys "Iby Pop" 13:00

Durty Nellys "Roman Fictum" 22:30

McCarthys "Gentlemens Agreement" 13:00

McCarthys "Iby Pop" 22:30

Rockys "To go bog e" 13:00

Rockys "Jill McDonald" 22:30

Caffreys "Franky & Friends" 13:00

Caffreys "Celtic Whisper" 22:30

Monday 16th March

Durty Nellys "Sam the Man" 17:00

Durty Nellys "To go bog e" 22:30

McCarthys "Big Phil" 17:00

McCarthys "Iby Pop" 22:30

Rockys "Iby Pop" 17:00

Rockys "Sam the Man" 22:30

Caffreys "Irina Antonets " 17:00

Caffreys "Gentlemens Agreement" 22:30

Tuesday 17th March Paddy's Day

Durty Nellys "Trad Session" 13:00

Durty Nellys "Sam the Man" 17:00

Durty Nellys "Iby Pop" 22:30

McCarthys "Celtic Whisper" 13:00

McCarthys "Big Phil" 17:00

McCarthys "To go bog e" 22:30

Rockys "Sam the Man" 13:00

Rockys "Franky & Friends" 17:00

Rockys "Bag of Potatoes" 22:30

Caffreys "Irina Antonets " 13:00

Caffreys "Gabrielle" 17:00

Caffreys "Big Phil" 22:30

For more info:

Caffrey's Irish Bar (Instagram | Facebook)

Rocky O'Reillys (Instagram | Facebook)

Durty Nelly's (Instagram | Facebook)

McCarthy's Prague (Instagram | Facebook)

Printable Festival Program here:



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