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Calling all parents with teenagers

Join Bonita Rhoads, co-founder of for a scholar-led tour of Prague. Learn about Art Nouveau, Cubist Architecture and the First Republic – 2 hrs walking tour for teens (13+ yrs old).

More information and for booking, please visit the ClassActs website here.

This 2-hour tour helps Prague teens explore the radical design aesthetics that flourished in their city at the turn-of-century. We discover the links between Art Nouveau and Cubist architecture and the creation of the First Republic, first of all considering why Art Nouveau was embraced as the style for Prague's great nationalist palace, Municipal House, where Czechoslovak independence was declared and the new state born 100 years ago. We'll find out how cafe culture itself was connected to the progressive aspirations of the nationalists, who sought not only political independence but also democratic governance and even voting rights for women.

During this tour, we learn to recognize the features of Art Nouveau, from the gingko biloba leaves on facades which reveal the style’s oriental influences to the elaborate light fixtures that mark Art Nouveau interiors to the curvy, campy typography on building signs that echo contemporary magazine and poster graphics. We visit the beautiful Lucerna bar (once owned by Vaclav Havel’s family) and the elegant Hotel Central—examples of Czech optimism at the turn-of-century, In many respects, Prague’s Cubist architecture (a building style unknown outside of the Czech Republic) surpassed even Art Nouveau as a statement of resurgent national identity. We'll follow the Czech Cubist movement as it emerged and ultimately became "national style," the only appropriate choice for the 1920's Legiobanka, built to house the accounts of the WWI Legionnaires who fought for Czech and Slovak nationhood.

Sites visited: Municipal House, Legion's Bank, Hotel Central, The House of the Black Madonna, Prague Insurance Company, Lucerna Complex, Grand Hotel Evropa

Suitable for age 13+ yrs old.

Fee: 200,- Kč / participant

Tour is organised by and Bonita Rhoads


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