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Message from the Czech Chamber of Commerce

Dear Sir / Madam,

We take the liberty to address you in these difficult times – difficult for us all but especially for companies and business-people.

The Czech Chamber of Commerce is, as the most representative business association in the Czech Republic, actively supporting the domestic business community and leads discussions and negotiations with the Government of the Czech Republic and other relevant institutions and organisations. We are continuously informing of our efforts and its results on the dedicated page on the website of the Czech Chamber of Commerce which also has an English version:

Here, the English-speaking representatives of foreign companies as well as business-people can find daily updated useful information, documents and links. Just now, we have uploaded a video by the President of the Czech Chamber of Commerce, Mr. Vladimír Dlouhý, in which he sums up the most important points regarding the current situation, its impact on the domestic private sector and the measures pushed forward by CCC to support the business community.

We provide you with this link with the aim to continuously and adequately inform as broad an audience of companies and business-people operating on the Czech market as possible. We will be grateful if you could use your communication channels for a further dissemination of this link. Thank you for your cooperation in helping the businesses to overcome this difficult period.

In case of any related questions or comments we remain at your disposal.

With best regards and wishes of good health,

Jiří Hansl Director

Foreign Department

Czech Chamber of Commerce



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