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Summer Drinks & Membership Survey Results 2018

Thank you to all that made it yesterday for the CIBCA Summer Drinks & Membership Survey Results 2018. We were blessed with good weather and great company!

Members Survey 2018 Results

Our Members have spoken, and the Survey results have been counted. The Committee will be organizing as many of the following events as humanly possible between now and May 2019:

- Summer Family BBQ

- Events co-hosted with other int'l Chambers

- CIBCA Pub Quiz team (events will be listed on this website)

- Christmas Party

- Skiing Weekend

- Formal Black-tie St. Patrick's Day Ball

- Informal St. Patrick's Day Festival

- Visit sizable Irish communities in other parts of the country

- Golf outing

- Family weekend / day trip to the Czech mountains

...and more...

Details on dates and venues to follow mid-July.

We hope you enjoy the summer!

Your CIBCA Committee


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