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Inaugural CIBCA bicycle tour

Updated: Nov 4, 2020

An intrepid group of 5 headed off on our inaugural bike trip on Saturday 1st August.  The group was Garret & Pavla Byrne, Frank & Stepanka Nourse and Gareth Irwin.  The temperature was high at about 30 C but that did not bother us as we were mostly under the cover of trees and beside

cooling streams and rivers. We started in Hanspaulka in Prague 6 and the route took us through Divoká Šárka, Přední Kopanina, along Uneticky potok, and Statenice where we had a coffee break at Statenicky Mlyn. We carried on

a few kilometers to lunch at Unetice brewery where we met Patrick Leonard

and family and then to desert and coffee at U Lasíků in Unetice which is

famous for its cakes. Fully replete we headed for home and a well earned

rest. All of us on the trip are keen to repeat it within the next month. Hope to see you then!



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